Facial rejuvenation is the name given in cosmetic surgery to the use of different techniques and treatments to restore a face to its original appearance. With the passage of time, the skin and tissues lose the elasticity and liveliness of yesteryear. That is why there are many treatments and surgeries in the world of aesthetics that slow down and even paralyse the effects of ageing on the face. There are countless anti-ageing creams. You only have to walk down the aisles of a supermarket, pharmacy or shopping centre to see the number of creams and products specialising in this area. But the reality is that the creams and products that are available are not enough to modify the damage that has already been done. They only serve to slow down the ageing process.

Why does our skin age?


Photoageing is the ageing of the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The sun directly affects the collagen and cells of our skin. The best way to combat this is with sun creams.


This is when our skin is marked by the repetitive movements made by the muscles of our face. These marks are called expression wrinkles…

Chronological ageing.

This is ageing caused by age. The skin becomes thinner and thinner and the cells are not renewed as often.

Hormonal ageing

Caused by the loss of oestrogen. Signs of ageing in this case are identified by dehydration, collagen depletion and loss of elasticity.

When to have a facial rejuvenation?

We could say that there is an age to go for facial rejuvenation treatments or surgeries. The reality is that each skin is different and each person has a different lifestyle, so the chronological factor does not play the same role in each person. Also where we live can affect the ageing process of the skin and tissues of the face. Even the hormones play a fundamental factor in the hydration of our face.

Types of facial rejuvenation without surgery.

ácido hialurónico barcelona

Hyaluronic Acid

“It consists of applying filler materials of a specific density for each type of wrinkle…” Read more
Mesoterapia facial barcelona

Facial Mesotherapy

“To give life and light to the skin of the face and being the basis of many other facial treatments….”” Read more
hilos tensores barcelona

Tightening Threads

“Los hilos tensores van introducidos en la dermis o subdermis y provocan una reacción de tensión de la piel…” Read more

Types of facial rejuvenation surgery

Face lift

“The cervico-facial facelift is the best known procedure for rejuvenation of the face and neck. The aim of the facelift is a global and long-lasting rejuvenation…..”Read more

mini lifting facial antes y despues

Un minilifting facial es una variante del lifting tradicional, es una técnica quirúrgica que consiste en la realización de incisiones y despegamiento de los tejidos con el objetivo de corregir la flacidez facial y mejorar el contorno; sobretodo en rostros que ya poseen mucho volumen…” Read more

Con Hilos Tensores

Facial lipofilling

“Facial remodelling using autologous fat allows the filling of cheekbones, nasolabial folds, temporal area, lips and orbit, achieving an overall rejuvenation of the face, providing volume and quality to the skin…”. Read more