What is the POMULUS ENHANCEMENT WITH HYALURONIC ACID or calcium hydroxyapatite?

POMULUS INCREASE is an indispensable treatment for women who want to keep their youthful appearance.

From the age of 30 onwards, the decline, although often imperceptible, and human ageing begins. In the face, the area where it will be most noticeable from the age of 40 onwards will be the malar area or cheekbones, which flatten out and allow this third of the face to begin to sag. With the consequent rebirth of wrinkles in the nasolabial fold, the corners of the lips and the marionette line. In addition to the deconfiguration of the mandibular ridge and thus of the facial oval.

This is why this area is one of the most important to treat whenever there is a certain flaccidity, as it will allow us to effectively re-anchor, by means of non-permanent biocompatible filling materials, a large part of the sagging caused by gravity.

When this area is treated, it allows us to improve by projection a large part of the wrinkles of the lower eyelid and those in the cheekbone area, as well as reducing those of the nasolabial fold and somewhat those of the mandibular facial oval.


For those who want to restore the volume of the cheeks and thus create a general enhancement effect to the face and repair the lost volume of the skin to restore its youthful appearance.


The treatment is performed in 20 minutes by injecting filler boluses and the patient can return to daily life immediately.

Material: Calcium hydroxyapatite.

Customised Peek Prosthesis: an alternative to POMULUS ENHANCEMENT.

An alternative is to fill with customised Speek prostheses. The projection of the cheekbones is key in giving attractiveness and character to the face. A cheekbone augmentation in this region offers two important benefits: a facial rejuvenation and an increase in the beauty of the face.

Cheek augmentation to improve the appearance of the midface is an increasingly popular procedure in patient aesthetic planning.

Reshaping the facial oval with thread lift or calcium hydroxyapatite.

Pómulos cirugía plástica facial
As we age, our face undergoes changes that lead to the appearance of depressed areas and flaccidity due to the redistribution of subcutaneous fat, which refine the appearance of the face and make it look droopy.

It is therefore important to reshape and tighten the affected areas, restoring lost volume and tone, as well as provoking a bio-regenerating action.


When there is a loss of firmness, volume and definition of the oval area with the consequent appearance of folds in the chin or jaw area, due to facial flaccidity.


The technique consists of applying filler substances in deep planes of the face that will restore the lost volume, harmonising the features and achieving a natural and rejuvenated appearance, correcting the flaccidity and redrawing the facial contour.
There are various techniques that can improve the facial contour. Although one of the most widely used is hyaluronic acid filler, calcium hydroxyapatite or Sisthaema Hevo T ® can also be used. Currently, Thread Tighteners are very fashionable, which can also help to redefine facial contours, both PDO (polydioxanone) and Cone Threads.

Material: Thread lifters or calcium hydroxyapatite.