Treatment for a flabby belly with PLASMA PEN.

The tummy tuck treatment consists of a skin tightening with fibroblasts or PLASMA PEN.

It is the newest facelift procedure. The term “soft surgery”. It is used to describe treatment that offers almost similar results without the scalpel.

It also does not require anaesthesia, sutures or bandages. It requires minimal downtime.

The Plasma Pen works using the fourth state of matter. Plasma, which is a sublimation process to create an electrical charge.

During the process, the plasma comes into contact with the surface of the skin, applying direct heat.

This is transferred to the inner papillary layers of the skin, which contain what are known as fibroblast or fibroblast cells.

These cells are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury or trauma.

This helps the skin to create new skin cells. From the contractions of the skin and stimulation of the collagen cells underneath.

Improving flaccidity, whether it is in the arm, abdomen, neck, face, legs, etc.

Material: PLASMA PEN.


Men and women who present skin sagging or flaccidity at the abdominal level, legs, arms, etc.

Cirugía plástica corporal
Material: Hilos tensores.

Treatment for belly flaccidity with Thread Tighteners

With the tensor threads, both PDO (Polydioxanone) and Polylactic Acid and its various variants. A new horizon has been opened to treat body flaccidity.

The tensor threads are introduced in the dermis or subdermis and provoke a tension reaction of the skin.

That while they are introduced there, until they degrade, they generate an important collagen network. Main substrate of the skin loss with flaccidity.