Materials: Dental surgery with dental chair, box of wisdom teeth or soft tissue and electric scalpel.

Bichectomy or facial slimming

The Bichat Bag Operation consists of the removal of some fat pockets located in the masticator space, just at the submalar level, called Bichat balls.

It is a brown fat, different from the rest of the body, which is characterised by the fact that it is the only fat that does not reproduce once it has been removed.

Bichat ball removal is a highly simple and effective surgery if performed by expert hands.

When we remove the bichat balls we stylise the face, causing a slimmer appearance of the face, we manage to “break” the continuity of the cheek by achieving a slight sagging in the submalar area.

Patients who undergo this technique are very satisfied with the results. It is very difficult to achieve a slimmer face when the patient has prominent cheeks, which is why bichectomy is highly effective in achieving this objective.

Sometimes, in order to achieve a slimmer face, we combine it with a lowering mentoplasty, which allows us to achieve a more elongated and slimmer face.


Bichectomy is the only technique that allows slimming of the face. Those with a square face and bulky cheeks are ideal candidates for this technique.


It is a short surgery lasting 30 minutes, performed under local anaesthesia and in consultation. The approach is intraoral, at the level of the upper molars we access the fat.

It is simple, the patient must have a soft and cold diet for 1 week. Mouthwashes and local cold should be applied for the first 48 hours. We recommend the use of a bandage for the first 48 hours to minimise swelling and to be able to see the results sooner.

Due to the initial inflation of the surgery, we will start to see the results after 15 days. At that time we will be able to appreciate the result of the bichectomy. The results are definitive and long-lasting, the bichat balls are a brown fat that does not reproduce.

Bichectomía facial