Neck Rejuvenation


Material: Various. Hyaluronic acid, Sisthaema Hevo T ®, Plasma Pen ®.

Neck and décolleté rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, Sisthaema Hevo T®, Plasma Pen®.

The way to intervene in the rejuvenation of the neck and décolleté, goes through several procedures: Laser, Thread Tighteners and collagenizing materials. The laser will generate collagen through thermal stimulation of the cells that generate it, the fibroblasts. The tensor threads, in addition to causing an improvement in the redensification of the skin of the neck, can improve small wrinkles, since their presence in the deep dermal layers cause a continuous stimulation of the same collagen-generating cells. The most potent collagenizing materials that we could use would be polycaprolactone, polylactic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite.
Indicated for:
People who present wrinkles in neck and décolleté and who have lost density in the skin of these areas, with the consequent flaccidity.


Each of these treatments has a different technique. Thus the threads must be introduced into the dermal layer of the skin by means of needles that deposit these threads; the IPL laser is by means of intense pulsed light that is shot into the skin to cause the same effect; the collagenizing materials, seek the same effect as the previous ones but by another mechanism, which is by depositing these materials near the fibroblast and thus generate more collagen by stimulation.
With any of these methods, the incorporation to daily life is immediate.

Cervical Lift

The objective of the facelift is a global and lasting rejuvenation.
The cervical-facial lift we perform is “deep”. All facial skin is suspended to the bone by the SMAS (musculoaponeurotic system) so a highly effective SMAS tightening is necessary for long lasting results. Dr. Diaz performs a SMAS lift and placement of the SMAS with oblique vector in the face and vertical in the neck with complete dissection of the platysma.
This technique can be accompanied by liposuction of the jowls.
The surgery is always performed in a hospital environment under general anaesthesia, requiring one day of hospitalisation.
In the cervico-facial lifting incisions are made inside the hair at the temporal level, then glued to the entrance of the external auditory canal, we surround the earlobe and behind the ear, following the line of implantation of the scalp.
Cirugía plástica cuello
After the operation there are cervico-facial hematomas, swelling of the face, a feeling of tightness and possibly loss of sensitivity in some areas of the face and neck.
It is important in the immediate postoperative period to keep the head in a neutral position so as not to force the wounds, to sleep with the head raised, to keep a simple bandage for proper healing.
Facelift procedures allow a natural rejuvenation, and when they are technically well performed we get a lasting result.
As the years go by, new signs of ageing appear, which we will have to treat with small touch-ups that do not always require new surgeries, but some filling to improve the lost volume with autologous fat or complementary techniques.
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