Material: CMA under sedation + AL and soft tissue box


Aesthetic surgery of the ears, also called otoplasty, is the operation of the “protruding” ears. It is the surgery that is responsible for “glueing” the ears quickly and definitively.
Otoplasty is performed under local anaesthesia, after a small retroauricular incision and with non-absorbable colourless sutures, the auricle is carved, giving a natural shape to the auricle and reducing the separation between the ear and the head.
Ear correction aims to achieve natural results, improving the position, shape and projection of the ears.
Otoplasty is a simple surgery with a short recovery period.


This technique is indicated for patients who have prominent pinnae that protrude excessively from the skull. It is also indicated for those who are large in size, in many cases because they have a flat antihelix. The surgery can be performed from the age of 8 years onwards, at which point the pinna has reached 90% of its definitive growth. Otoplasty is one of the most common, short, simple and definitive facial surgeries.

Treatment for cosmetic ear surgery

Aesthetic ear surgery / otoplasty is performed under local anaesthesia and / or sedation in office or outpatient in hospital.
In children we always perform the surgery in a hospital environment under general anaesthesia
The approach is retroauricular, so there are no visible scars.
We remodel the auricular cartilage without removing any of it, thus achieving a very natural result, the remodelled cartilage is fixed with non-absorbable sutures.
There are multiple techniques to perform surgery of protruding ears, we perform the safest and most stable technique, we prefer to reshape the entire cartilage avoiding the removal of the same, so we get a very natural result and minimise the possible side effects associated with the removal of cartilage as possible deformities in the auricular shell or that the ear is too narrow giving an unnatural appearance.
The surgery is the only facial surgery somewhat painful, yet it is perfectly tolerable with regular medication.
It is necessary to wear a compression bandage for 48 hours, which is then removed and replaced by a tape to be worn for 2-3 weeks.
In most cases the patient resumes his activities 2 or 3 days after the intervention.
The results are definitive, if the surgical technique is well executed and the sutures are of the highest quality.

Aesthetic surgery of the ears for lobules Lobuloplasty

It consists of closing those lobes very torn (very dilated earring orifice) by means of a small surgery with local anaesthesia.