Ángulos mandibulares cirugía

Treatment for bruxism and/or masseteric hypertrophy.

How is a treatment for bruxism with Botulinum Toxin performed?

In the same way that the muscles of the face are paralysed to prevent the formation of expression wrinkles. We can use Botox to paralyse those muscle stimuli that occur during the night.

Bruxism also causes widening of the jaw angles. This makes the face appear rougher and squarer. In the case of women, it can give a manly look to the face that most people do not want.

It should be noted that bruxism can also cause dental problems. The Marbella dental clinic Omega specialises in treating the damage caused by bruxism. Considered the best dentist in Marbella.

With the treatment we manage on the one hand to put an end to bruxism and on the other hand we manage to soften the angles of the face.

Calcium hydroxyapatite, for mandibular angles.

Treatment is carried out for mandibular angles. Always within a detailed study of the facial morphological abnormalities. We can try to improve some aestheticism in the context of the mandibular arch or the chin.

These can usually be caused by the absence of prominent mandibular angles.

When is hyaluronic acid treatment required?
When there is a loss of volume in this region, to enhance the profile, soften and rejuvenate the expression of the face, giving it harmony and balance.


Once the assessment has been made, it is a very simple technique, consisting of the introduction of a filler material.
Normally with high density hyaluronic acid. By means of manual remodelling, it causes a compensation of the profile, defining the jaw.

This facial harmonisation is immediate, as is the return to normal life. The treatment can last about 20 minutes.

Masseteric hypertrophy

By this we mean that the jaw angles are too pronounced. Like bruxism, masseteric hypertrophy is treated with Botox.

Indicated in cases where there is a very pronounced jaw angle and the patient wishes to stylise the face.


On an outpatient basis, by infiltrating the masseteric area, we manage to reduce the hypertrophy.

The infiltration technique is very simple and very well tolerated by patients. Return to daily life is immediate. This treatment should be performed 3 times.

Material: Botulinum Toxin Type A.

Ángulos mandibulares cirugía


Some people have a jaw that is too wide or too narrow. There can also be an asymmetry between the two sides.
The angle of the jaw becomes more obvious when we look at a person from the front. They give us an idea of the width of the lower third of the face.

A wide jaw has been classically associated with power, social dominance and masculinity. It is therefore a desirable trait in the case of men.

In these cases we will opt for a surgical reduction of the mandibular angles.

By means of an intraoral approach and prior planning by means of 3D CT, we will remove the excess jaw angle and reduce the facial width.

On the other hand, women benefit more from less pronounced jaw angles, which will give their face a more feminine and pleasing appearance.

Jaw angle augmentation is a relatively recent procedure. We can shape the area using a product based on Calcium Hydroxyapatite mixed with Fibrin gel.

This allows us to increase the angle of the jaw in patients who require it.


On the other hand, the reduction of jaw angles can be achieved in several ways.

The cause can be muscular (overdeveloped masticatory muscles). Or bony (overdeveloped jaw bone in the area of the angle).

In cases of muscular aetiology, botulinum toxin can be used, with surprising results. In cases of bony aetiology, the removal of small layers of bone in the affected area will be carried out.

This surgery can be performed in conjunction with other surgeries (chin, rhinoplasty) in the same operation, achieving highly satisfactory results.

Material: CMA with AG and AL. Orthognathic surgery box. Hydroxyapatite blocks (if applicable). Ultrasonic motor with curved saw (Osteoplac ® or Osteomed ®). Virtual planning programmed in conjunction with Vincent Dental® and 3D facial CT scan.

Custom Peek Prosthesis

These are prostheses that are virtually planned with the real dimensions of the patient, to give the exact chin volume and are made of a biocompatible and lightweight material. It is fixed by means of osteosynthesis screws.