Aesthetic eyebrow surgery

Ptosis is the name given to cosmetic eyebrow surgery. It is applied to a great extent when we observe less than 1 cm between the eyebrow and the upper eyelashes in ocular opening.

Direct brow lift surgery with direct excision of the skin. It is indicated especially for older men and also for those who have thick skin on the forehead. Often this causes the eyebrows to droop over the eyelid area, giving a premature ageing sensation.

On the other hand with transpalpebral brow lift surgery, we use the same approach as with upper blepharoplasty. In this case, this cosmetic eyebrow surgery is mostly indicated for women who do not require a significant elevation, or also for young patients with a more elastic and youthful skin.

How is cosmetic eyebrow ptosis surgery performed?

This type of surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia or sedation. The surgical time is approximately 1 hour and the recovery is not very long and painful.

Indicated for drooping eyebrow tails

Fibroblast skin tightening is also effective for aesthetic enhancement of the brow area. It is the newest facelift procedure. The term “soft surgery” is used to describe the treatment because it offers almost similar results without the scalpel, anaesthesia, sutures or bandages and minimal downtime.

Tensor Threads

The tensor threads, besides causing an improvement in the redensification of the neck skin, can improve small wrinkles, since their presence in the deep dermal layers, cause a continuous stimulation of the same collagen-generating cells.