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*Offer applicable to ultrasound rhinoplasties. Additional procedures such as septoplasties, turbinoplasties, and wing base resections have an additional cost.


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Ultrasound Rhinoplasty, what is it?

Ultrasound rhinoplasty is a simple cosmetic surgery procedure that can be completed in less than 2 hours. Its recovery is very quick, and the results are immediate compared to traditional rhinoplasty.

It is used to shape the size, shape, and/or position of the nose, whether for aesthetic reasons or to correct damage from trauma. It is also performed for nasal septum deviations, reducing the size of a nose with a dorsal hump, respiratory problems, and enhancing the nasal tip.

This procedure is relatively simple and typically takes one to two hours, unlike traditional rhinoplasty. Despite its relatively small size, the nose has a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of the face.

Each nose is unique, and the optimal result depends largely on the patient’s preferences and facial features. It has a significant impact on the patient’s self-esteem. We can say that a surgery like ultrasound rhinoplasty can change their life in a few hours.

rinoplastia ultrasónica en caracas

Who needs Ultrasound Rhinoplasty?

When a small incision is required between the nasal tip and base, it is referred to as open rhinoplasty. While modern techniques allow for virtually imperceptible scarring, rhinoplasty is not a procedure that requires a long or uncomfortable recovery period.
For Dr. Susan Diaz Reverand, function and aesthetics always go hand in hand. Therefore, we perform nose remodeling and reconstruction according to the patient’s gender, anthropometric characteristics, and a comprehensive study of their face.
With ultrasound rhinoplasty, the result appears natural. In addition to aesthetic improvements, the patient experiences a significant improvement in breathing in almost all cases, regardless of whether they have a deviated nasal septum or breathing difficulties.
The purpose of the intervention is to achieve overall facial balance with a pleasant and harmonious expression, without it being noticeable that the nose has been operated on.
Ultrasound nose surgery can also be used as a type of cosmetic nasal surgery with additional medical functions. We could say that preservation rhinoplasty focuses on the aesthetic medicine of the nose.

Diferentes tipos de Nariz:

Tension nose:

Characterized by a nasal hump that supports the tension of the tip. With hump reduction, the nasal tip may droop and require lifting.

Large nose:

Noses with a hyper projected tip and a hump that require hump reduction and nasal tip reduction for treatment.

Nose with a hump and high tip:

Well-projected nose that can achieve very satisfying results with dorsal hump reduction alone.

Nose with residual hump after rhinoplasty:

Sometimes, a minimal hump of 1-2 mm remains after rhinoplasty, and a simple hump reduction can achieve a spectacular result.

Ultrasound rhinoplasty effectively and rapidly corrects defects in noses with humps that cause discomfort in breathing or for facial softening, like any cosmetic nose surgery.

The specialist plastic surgeon for the nose is the person who determines the type of operation based on the patient’s nose.

How is Ultrasound Rhinoplasty performed?

The price of ultrasound rhinoplasty in 2023:

5,100 euros, as established by Dr. Susan Diaz Reverand.

The final cost may vary depending on the specific procedure required, which could range up to 6,000 euros. This price is significantly lower than the 8,000 euros charged by well-known aesthetic surgeons such as Pablo Casas or others who are usually sought after by patients based on trust or third-party recommendations. However, the reality is that our doctor offers the same results at a much lower price.

It is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia and usually lasts between 2-3 hours. Following the surgery, a nasal cast is placed to help maintain the shape of the new nose, along with Doyle nasal splints that have a central opening to allow breathing, cleaning, prevent bleeding, and stabilize the nasal septum. These splints are removed within 2-4 days, and the cast is typically removed within 7 days.

Postoperative Care for Ultrasound Rhinoplasty:

The postoperative care for ultrasound rhinoplasty is straightforward and uncomplicated. Tissue recovery will occur over time.

The postoperative recovery time for ultrasound rhinoplasty can take up to a year. Swelling and edema gradually subside within a few days. However, surgeons do not consider the job complete until more time has passed to accurately evaluate the final result of the nose.

But in reality, the recovery from ultrasound rhinoplasty ends within a few days for patients with mild discomfort that can be managed with common anti-inflammatory medications.

With Dr. Susan Diaz Reverand, the postoperative care for ultrasound rhinoplasty is straightforward and fast. Dr. Susan maintains close contact after any surgery. She has specialized in this technique in recent years and pays special attention to it. Many of her patients consider her the best ultrasound rhinoplasty surgeon in Barcelona, both for the results achieved and the postoperative care.

Materials for Ultrasound Rhinoplasty: Operating room with general anesthesia, rhinoplasty kit, and 1-day hospitalization. Piezoelectric or ultrasonic motor.


“I had a rhinomodeling procedure 21 days ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of doctor. She is a great professional who seeks perfection, pays attention to the smallest details, and is very approachable, empathetic, and kind. Additionally, I trusted Dr. Susan to perform a secondary rhinoplasty on my mother, and it hasn’t even been a week since the surgery, but I can only express gratitude towards her. My mother’s case was very complicated, and we thought there might not be a solution, but the doctor provided us with all the reassurance and confidence we needed. We don’t have the final result yet, but without a doubt, we will recommend her wholeheartedly. Her demeanor and professionalism are excellent. We will be forever grateful.”
“My visit with Dr. Susan Diaz was very professional and relaxed. She took the time to address all my concerns and offered possible alternatives to improve my nose. I left the consultation extremely happy, with a beautiful nose that will last me for a year.”