mini lifting facial antes y despues

Minilifting before and after

What is the difference between a mini facelift and a traditional or total facelift?

A mini facelift is a simpler procedure technically, but it can also have a very good result with a clear improvement in the patient’s appearance. It is a shorter, outpatient procedure with a very quick recovery. The scar is also smaller; it is concealed on the front of the ear and ends at the lobe without extending further. The result is very natural.

Advantages of the mini facelift over the conventional facelift

As we have indicated, its advantages lie basically in the greater simplicity of the operation, which reduces the duration of the intervention and the recovery time. As the operation time is reduced, the risks are lower. The minimal incision and dissection reduces the risk of haematomas or nerve damage. Scars are smaller and the recovery period is shorter than with a facelift. In addition, it is also worth noting the lower cost of the procedure for the patient.

Despite all these advantages, it will be the surgeon who will decide the convenience of each type of intervention. If the tissues (skin, muscles, fat, dermal tissue) are too flaccid, a face and neck lift will be necessary to achieve the best result.

How much does a mini facelift cost?

As with any treatment, prices vary depending on the patient. But we can say that the price of a mini facelift is between 4,500 and 5,000 euros (Dr Susan Dia Reverand offers VIP treatment at the patient’s request).

What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift is a variant of the traditional facelift. It is a surgical technique that consists of making incisions and detaching the tissues with the aim of correcting facial flaccidity and improving the contour, especially in faces that already have a lot of volume.

The incisions are smaller than in the traditional facelift and the flaccidity is corrected at the level of the cheekbones and cheeks, which are one of the first areas to suffer from facial sagging, but also in the neck. In this way we manage to reposition and stretch the skin that has descended, and tighten the facial tissues to correct the flaccidity.

With this technique we achieve a rejuvenating and natural result due to the fact that the traction performed on the facial tissues runs more vertically. The tension of the skin and subcutaneous tissues is produced both in an upward and downward direction. In this way, the ‘overstretched’ effect is avoided and the rejuvenating correction is completely natural.

The procedure can be performed under general anaesthesia or sedation. It is an outpatient procedure, i.e. after a mini facelift you can return home the same evening.

After 1 week you can return to your daily activities.

During the first few days, swelling of the area is common and bruising may appear, both of which will gradually disappear.

After a week the stitches can be removed.

The results are long-lasting, approximately 8 to 10 years, as it depends on the degree of ageing of the patient after the surgery.

Rejuvenecimiento facial cirugía plástica facial

Minilifting before and after

In which cases is it particularly indicated?

Minilift facial surgery, also called minilift or quick facelift, is particularly suitable for achieving a rejuvenating effect on the cheekbones or malar area and jawline, in cases where the signs of ageing are incipient and the sagging of the tissues is not excessive. Even in young patients who have a lot of facial volume and wish to contour the facial lines (cheekbones, jawline) to give a more defined and sexy appearance.

The people in whom this type of intervention is indicated are relatively young patients, who have incipient signs of facial ageing. At older ages, the standard cervical facelift is usually recommended. It is therefore indicated for those who want to correct the first signs of ageing and sagging skin.